Sofia Skromne Carrasco

Sofia Skromne Carrasco

Where did you grow up and what’s your background?
I grew up in Mexico City, and came to Canada only 2 years ago to study at UTSC.

What is your program of study?
Neuroscience and Biochemistry

Why science? If not science, then what?
I actually applied to U of T to study English literature, since writing and reading has always been a passion of mine. I decided to switch to science because I wanted to understand how people think and why they act the way they do. Neuroscience seemed like the best way to do that. If not science, I would probably go back to studying literature.

The best restaurant in Scarborough is...?
Boston Pizza ❤

Your favourite place in Toronto is…?
Definitely Kensington Market, especially when I'm feeling homesick (there's so many authentic mexican places!)

Your favourite place on the inter tubes?
youtube, it has everything!

Best song of all time?
Rajaton - Dobbin's flowery vale