Kirthana Sathiyakumar

Kirthana Sathiyakumar

Where did you grow up and what’s your background?
I grew up in Scarborough but both my parents are from Sri Lanka. I haven’t really escaped from Military Trail. I went to elementary school, high school, and university on the same street. Ridiculous eh?

Where did you study before coming to UTSC?
UTSC is my second home.

What is your main research project?
Our memories can be very detailed and specific or very general and abstract. We have all experienced a stressful situation in our lives. For example, the first time you burn your finger on a flame you know not to play with any sort of object associated with fire and arguably heat. I am interested in figuring out how stress can affect our memories and the neural circuit that underlies this phenomenon.

Why science? If not science, then what?
Science makes me feel like I’m making a difference in the world. How many people can say that they get to discover an answer to a question that’s never been asked before? If not science… I think I would have liked to be a travelling food critic.

The best restaurant in Scarborough is...?
This is a very tough one! Karaikudi has the BEST mutton sukka biryani I’ve had outside of India. China Cottage, Federicks, and Spicy Dragon have amazing Hakka food.

Your favourite place in Toronto is…?
Anywhere close to the water. I wish we were closer to sandy beaches and the ocean…

Your favourite place on the inter tubes?
GOOGLE is life.

Best song of all time?
I don’t have one.