Jordan Guerguiev

Jordan Guerguiev

Where did you grow up and what’s your background?
I was born in Bulgaria, but moved to Toronto at the age of 7. I’ve lived in various areas of the GTA throughout my life.

Where did you study before coming to UTSC?
I completed an undergraduate degree in Mathematics & Physics at the University of Toronto (St. George campus).

What is your program of study?
I study computational neuroscience.

What is your main research project?
My project aims to develop a model of supervised learning in deep neural networks that is biologically plausible, and to experimentally test the model’s predictions.

Why science? If not science, then what?
Science has always interested me since a young age. I also think it’s incredibly important for helping to solve the vast environmental, health and societal problems that we are facing. If I did not pursue science, I would likely be an artist.

The best restaurant in Scarborough is…?
I haven’t explored much of Scarborough, so I’ll list my favourite ramen restaurant in Toronto, Ryus.

Your favourite place in Toronto is…?
Centre Island! A great escape from the city.

Your favourite place on the inter tubes?

Best song of all time?
Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Sleep.