Dorian Grey

Dorian Grey

Where did you grow up and what’s your background?
I grew up in the little town of Vaughan aka the city above Toronto. My background is entirely Jamaican however I must confess I’ve never actually been to Jamaica so I consider myself a full-fledged Canadian.

What is your program of study?
Major in Human biology with a minor Psychology and Theatre and Performance studies. (yes its an interesting mix).

Why science? If not science, then what?
As a child nothing would frustrate me more than not knowing something, I never believed in things like magic or the tooth fairy and instead looked for a more rational explanation for things. Therefore science was kind of something that I just naturally gravitated towards since it explains a lot of life’s mysteries. If not science I’d probably go into acting I’m pretty charismatic (if I do say so myself) so I enjoy performing.

The best restaurant in Scarborough is...?
Popeyes. Best restaurant in any part of the world

Your favourite place in Toronto is…?
The “Why not? Theatre” its an actual theatre downtown on queen street that’s always playing something unique.

Your favourite place on the inter tubes?

Best song of all time?
“September” by Earth, Wind & Fire  (