Danny-Kanghoon Seo

Danny-Kanghoon Seo

Where did you grow up and what’s your background?
I was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved over to Toronto when I was 7. 2 years later moved to Windsor, Ontario where I finished highschool and then came up to Scarborough for my undergraduate.

Where did you study before coming to UTSC?
I’ve studied at UTSC for my undergraduate… been on this campus way too long.

What is your program of study?
My undergraduate major was Double Major in Biochemistry and Neuroscience with a Minor in Biology. Now I study cellular neuroscience.

What is your main research project?
My main research project involves looking into the neural code: rate code and temporal code. Both types of information encodement exists in the brain, and I am looking into how different types of interneurons may specialize in the type of neural code it uses to relay information. The techniques I use involve patch clamping and optogenetics.

Why science? If not science, then what?
I chose science because being on the frontline of finding new discovery and expanding our knowledge of our world interested me. If it wasn’t science, I would be pursuing culinary to be a head chef at a french restaurant.

The best restaurant in Scarborough is...?
I would have to say Sushi Legend. It’s my favourite place to go for all you can eat sushi with my friends. Have I mentioned I love sushi?

Your favourite place in Toronto is…?
Morningside Park.

Your favourite place on the inter tubes?
Netflix. Definitely Netflix.

Best song of all time?
Clean Bandit - Rather Be