Pattern memory

June 24, 2015

Multiple memory systems for enhanced reinforcement learning

Throughout our lives, we learn from the positive or negative consequences of our actions. In machine learning applications, this is referred to as reinforcement learning. Often, this type of learning is implicit, or subconscious. But sometimes, we also have explicit memories for what happened to us and we use these memories to guide our actions. Not all of our memories are stored by our brains in the same way, though. Some of our memories are very detailed, giving us the ability to recall specific events and remember what it felt like when we were living it. Our recent memories are […]
June 24, 2015

Richards BA, Xia F, Santoro A, Husse J, Woodin MA, Josselyn SA, Frankland PW, “Patterns across multiple memories are identified over time”, Nature Neuroscience, 17(7), 981-986

Memories are not static but continue to be processed after encoding. This is thought to allow the integration of related episodes via the identification of patterns. Although this idea lies at the heart of contemporary theories of systems consolidation, it has yet to be demonstrated experimentally. Using a modified water-maze paradigm in which platforms are drawn stochastically from a spatial distribution, we found that mice were better at matching platform distributions 30 d compared to 1 d after training. Post-training time-dependent improvements in pattern matching were associated with increased sensitivity to new platforms that conflicted with the pattern. Increased sensitivity […]